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RF Level Switch


RF Level Switch

RF level switch deliver peak performance at low cost. Based on Radio Frequency principle for Solids, Liquids, Slurries. RF Level Switch comprises of two parts, Sensing Probe and an Electronic controller. The Sensing Probe has two parts, active section and shield section insulated from each other. A dust proof Probe Head is provided to cover the terminals of the Rf signal cable. Meaning hereby, the Probe contains no electronics or any other sensitive element. Its uniqueness lies in its adaptability even at high temperature. It works unaffected of suspended particles, material coating and mechanical damage etc. Both the electronic controller and sensing probe have IP66.

Sensing Probes
Level –Tec provide various types / models of sensing probe depending upon its application and requirement.

Electronic Controller
Electronic Controller contains electronics enclosure and is mounted separately at a convenient location remote from sensing probe.

Flexible Probe


 For deeper silo or vessel where probe length exceeds 2 mtrs.

Rigid PTFE Probe


Fully insulated to be used in conductive and corrosive material.

Flushed / Disc Probe


Used where there is no insertion possible, be it due to less space or due to presence of big material particles eg. big stones which may damage normal probe.