Product Line

Product Line


RF Level Switch

RF Level Switch operates in low MHz radio frequency range. Radio frequency (RF) principle is utilized to monitor the level of material available in a vessel at a particular level. Relay contacts are used to provide visual indication and also for interlocking purposes.

Sight Level Indicator

Reflex Level Gauges

Reflex Level Gauges are used to observe visually the level of various liquids in high pressure and temperature environments. Reflex Level Gauges is based on the difference in the refractive indices of liquid...

Float Level Switch

Vertical Mounting Float Level Switch

LTVS Vertical Mounting Float Level Switch is an established and reliable technique in industry for single/multiple liquid level sensing and control in open or pressurized vessels.

Level Switches

Vibrating Tuning Fork Level Switches

It is a robust level point limit switch for use in silos and vessels containing tiny-grained or powdery solids even with a low bulk density and in liquids applications The various designs mean the device...

Flow Switches

Rotary Paddle Type Level Switch

The paddle switch is designed to detect high or low levels of free- flowing dry solids, such as powders and granules. It is mounted through the wall of a vessel such that the paddle protrudes inside...

Level Transmitter

RF Admittance Type

Coming Soon

Sight Indicator Float Operated

Float and Board Level Indicator

A Reliable, Economic & Accurate Level Indicator suitable for measurement of liquid level in over ground/over head storage tanks


Basket Strainers

Basket Strainers feature top removal of the screen. The screen is in the form of a basket, with a lifting handle, so that all particulate captured and retained bythe screen can be easily removed....

Flow Regulator

Orifice Plate and Assembly

Orifice Plate is used to measure the flow rate of the any liquid. Orifice Plates are available in 304SS, 316SS, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium and other exotic materials upon request.