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Sight Level Indicator


Reflex Level Gauges

It is used in high pressure condition for accurate reading of liquid levels. Reflex level gauge is based on the principal of different refractive indices of liquid and vapour using special prism glass. Transparent level gauge, here clear glass is mounted on front and back of the gauge permitting observance of not only liquid level but also characteristics such as colour or interface between to immiscible liquids.

Available Sizes : with Non IBR & IBR Certificates

Tubular Level Gauge

Tubular level gauge is used for visual liquid level indication through borosilicate glass tube against graduated scale. It is most commonly used instrument in the process industry because of its simple construction. It is placed in a box type guard to enhance its safety and usability.

Available Sizes : with Non IBR & IBR Certificates



Magnetic Level Gauge

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Sight Flow Indicator

Sight Flow Indicator is used to observe the flow through industrial process lines. The sight flow indicator consists of a straight heavy wall glass tube It offers virtually no flow restrictions, complete visibility & negligible pressure drop.